Our lawyers are in one word, relentless. We have enjoyed substantial results, record setting jury verdicts and impressive settlements in high-profile cases. We do the right thing and we do it all the time. Our reputation as relentless trial lawyers with exceptional success precedes us, so our opponents know we will be well prepared to go to trial on each and every case. We have the resources and the financial stability necessary to pursue justice.

Just as in life, in the legal community, relationships and reputations matter. When other lawyers require co-counsel to better represent their clients—time and time again they choose us. In our community that speaks volumes.

When folks need representation, they call us. There are many ways to measure success, but we know our clients measure success by the results of our work. We are relentless in our pursuit of fairness and justice to improve our clients’ health and well-being. We are relentless and passionate from the day you contact us through the last appeal. Of course, no judgment or settlement can undo the terrible loss of the past, but it can make the future safer, less uncertain, and more secure for the families we represent.

Our decades of experience in personal injury law gives us a deep understanding for seriously injured victims and the challenges they face. We treat each and every client with compassion and care. We keep our firm small so that our clients receive the highest level of clear communication and thorough explanations during each step of the legal process.

Our clients are our mission. After a devastating injury, serious commercial or industrial accident, or wrongful death, we are here to zealously work on your behalf and you can count on us to deliver.

WHA files suit against United Airlines


"Will Hoke fights for the folks who cannot fight for themselves. He comes from a background of blue collar pipeline and oilfield workers and he gets it. When workers take a backseat to companies' profits, they end up hurt, maimed or killed because of the companies' negligence. When the companies deny and delay and will not assist or take care of them, Will is there. To simply put it ... Will Hoke cares"

-Mike F

"Will is one of the most compassionate people I have met and is relentless in his fight for you"

-Melanie C

"He is old school. When people or companies do bad things, and hurt or kill loved ones,
he brings them to justice for you and your family"

-Edward D