Product liability is when any party in the chain of manufacturing of a product contributes to the injuries you sustain from that product. Any of the parties involved in the manufacture may be held responsible, for example the manufacturer of component parts, an assembler or assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and sometimes even the retail storeowner.

Manufacturers and distributors of products for the home or workplace have a legal responsibility to ensure that these products are reasonably safe for their intended use. When products fail due to inherent dangers and negligent design, or people are hurt or killed because of missing or improper safety warnings, manufacturers and distributors may be held responsible under the legal concept of product liability.

If you’ve been injured by a defective product, don’t presume it was your fault. The cause may have been something out of your control. Most product liability claims stem from defective design, manufacturing defects, failure to warn, or a faulty warning. If this turns out to be true, you may be entitled to money for your injuries. And, if the product caused injury to you, then there’s a good chance it may injured others and maybe even fatally.

WHA has experience representing people hurt in all kinds of accidents, including those caused by defective products such as:

  • Work Related Equipment
  • Automobiles
  • Elevators & Escalators
  • Health Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Household Items
  • Toys & Children’s Accessories
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Repair Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
WHA represents clients nationwide who have suffered serious personal injury or the loss of a loved one due to the defective design, manufacture or marketing of consumer and industrial products.