When you live in the state of Texas, you have probably heard about an oil refinery explosion happening somewhere not too far from you. As most know, there is a very long list of safety measures in place to try to prevent an oil refinery explosion, but things can go wrong and people can get hurt and killed. When there is a refinery explosion, you could be looking at a very large personal injury situation. Injuries and deaths associated with refinery accidents can happen in a moment, but they can change the lives of the victims and their families forever.

At WHA, we represent Texas workers who are hurt in the course of drilling operations, oil or natural gas explosions, pipeline accidents, or victims of any serious accident occurring at an oilfield or refinery.

Oil rig, refinery, offshore and natural gas workers face extremely hazardous working conditions every day. Roughnecks, welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, refinery workers and all other hard worker hands, work long hours and many often struggle to stay awake, making them vulnerable to errors and accidents. Basic safety precautions are often overlooked by employers, contractors and subcontractors — to the detriment of loyal, hardworking and struggling employees.

Refinery workers at the highest risk of injury and toxic exposure include welders, painters, platform workers, sandblasters, pipe fitters, corrosion removal laborers, cleanup crew, refinery maintenance operators, turnaround and shutdown workers. Also workers in industries related to oil and petroleum refining, such as workers in the chemical industry, the plastics industry, rubber workers, plywood and furniture workers, and industries that utilize petroleum based by products in their manufacturing process are at risk of occupational illness or injury.

There are thousands of rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that are actively manned and producing resources. There are multiple hazards that workers may face in these offshore refineries. Soaring heights, ocean conditions, weather, and slippery work surfaces can all spell disaster to even the most diligent and safety-conscious workers. Machinery, chemical compounds and combustibles can also trigger explosions on these offshore rigs. Our team can help you fight for compensation in any case, from simple slip and fall accidents to major offshore explosions.

A very significant Texas refinery explosion occurred on March 23, 2005, when the refinery at the BP Texas City facility exploded and killed 15 people while injuring 180 others. Despite the presence of a team of professional engineers on-site during one of the plant’s normal transitions, something went wrong, and the resulting disaster will never be forgotten.

Honest, hard-working men and women can be beset by the negligent treatment of employers, contractors, business owners, or fellow employees, which can lead to workplace injury accidents. Workers are surrounded by dangerous conditions, heavy machinery and are often exposed to the elements on a daily basis.

With this increase in demand for oil comes the demand for more workers. More workers generally mean a boost in the local economy, but poorly trained or badly maintained equipment could spell disaster. An oil rig, natural gas drilling site or construction accident can result in death due to heavy machinery, falls from great heights, crushing accidents, exposure to toxic chemicals, explosive chemicals and electricity hazards. You can be injured due to unsafe conditions or malfunctioning equipment, and therefore entitled to compensation for injuries.

Your oilfield injury claim could implicate a subcontractor, government entity, equipment manufacturer or third party. We are here to help you make a claim for medical expenses, lost wages, future earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Because many of the egregious and horrific accidents have been covered by the media, employers are doing their best to ensure that workers are safe. Unfortunately, even when employees and employers take the utmost care to comply with all standards and regulations, tragic accidents still happen. Whether or not you believe that your employer provided a safe work environment, you should consult an experienced lawyer after sustaining serious injuries at work.

After an accident, most companies will begin gathering information and trying to settle outside of a courtroom. You should never speak to an insurance representative without first speaking with an attorney. Our firm will thoroughly investigate your case and bring the wrongful party to justice. You deserve compensation and you deserve to speak with a doctor of your choosing, not one that your company will assign to you. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in an oilfield or refinery accident, contact WHA right away and schedule a free case evaluation as soon as possible.